Diego shares KIDStory with the children at his church. One day he met a mom named Paula his church in Dallas. She asked for the church to pray for her home church as it was going through some difficult situations.

The church was asking for parents to help in the child care and she volunteered to help out. She does not serve in the children’s ministry of her church but felt she should help this time.  She expressed how she was frustrated with the tremendous burden she had. She asked if the children’s teachers knew of a curriculum for children that she could share with her Pastor. Diego told her about KIDStory. Although Paula does not help in the children’s ministry God used her to take initiative and bring her Pastor a resource that could help train teachers and teach children. Paula took a few copies of the KIDStory manual to pass out to the volunteers at her church. After the volunteers went through the KIDStory manuals they had hope and joy for the children’s ministry. They should so much gratitude for Diego and his church for sharing about KIDStory. Paula shared that KIDStory would keep them going…usually the children’s time is short and they do not pay attention but the children enjoyed all the activities involved revolving around the Bible stories.

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