You have heard me talk about Pastor Moses ministering to the South Sudanese living in refugee settlements in Northern Uganda. I just have to share a few pics and stories or what God is doing there through him and Kids Around the World:

This is an abandoned child. As a result she wonders around the village . Now she has joined the StoryClub and gotten the chance to eat big and be open to interact with others . Hope she will be transformed We also realized some children have mental problems , epilepsy or whatever , but at the StoryClub we allow them to participate

Transformation story:This girl is now recovering from a serious trauma , the parents could tie her down so as not to move anywhere due her mental illness , she joined the StoryClub , she became humble and putting on big smile . The parents are so relieved This is just one of many transformation stories .

In this story. this child sitting in from , lives with a lot of rejection , The mother came looking for saying she wonder what happened . She said this little stays alone , she does not go anywhere, play with friend , she is ever so quiet , always staying indoors , sometimes they beat he because of that . They thought that she has some problem , but they are surprised seeing here with other kids . What parent s adult don’t know is that even Children get more Traumatized God is truly working miracles and giving hope to so many in these refugee settlements! Thanks for your support and prayers!


StoryClubs create a welcoming environment where children can experience the overwhelming love of Jesus Christ. This StoryClub in Uganda provided just that for the little girl in the bottom right picture. She was abandoned because her parents did not know what was wrong with her or how to handle her. In joining the StoryClub she overcame her trauma. She opened up to other children and played! God is working in these StoryClubs to break down barriers and bring hope to the children


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