Natori is 9-years-old but is a living example of what it means for all of us to have the faith of a child. He has the love and compassion of Jesus, in going out and doing what he can to find the lost sheep. Many of his friends will be at his front door on Sunday mornings because they want to go to church with him but he knows, even more, can be reached and they need to have fun in learning about Jesus and being in God’s Word. So 9-year-old Natori is starting his own StoryClub. He has been talking to his mom about all the things they need to be doing to reach other children. One thing is that he is putting aside any money he earns in order to buy Bibles for his friends that do not have one. Just as everyone rejoiced when the shepherd brought home the lost sheep, let us do the same with all the angels in Heaven, as he starts a StoryClub at home!

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