A story recount from volunteers experiences from a meal packing event to building a playground.

Our team, from all over the United States, forged an amazing bond during work time, meals and devotions. We were all in different places on our walk; some were just getting to know Christ for the first time. All felt welcome and loved. We were part of something bigger than ourselves and it spurned an incredible awakening in every heart. It was palpable, and its power was undeniable.

The greatest gift came on the day when the ribbon was cut and the children stormed their new playground. For many, it was their first playground experience. Whatever else they were experiencing in their lives, that moment held pure joy. It radiated through their laughter and infused my soul with such a sense of delight and contentment mere words can not describe it. We built that! We had an impact! I had stepped out of my comfort zone and truly made a difference.

This is what it feels like to strip away the layers of doubt and complacency to embrace something that allows your spirit to flourish. To step out in faith and cross that bridge in order to live a moment on the other side that will truly change the way you perceive the world.