KATW KIDStory Global Director continues his trip through the Philippines to see and experience God’s work through KIDStory.
I will enter His gates with thanksgiving in my heart
I will enter His courts with praise
I will say this is the day that the Lord has made
I will rejoice for He has made me glad.
The picture of the doorway is truly an entrance into the courts of the Lord – it is where 30 children, many times up to 60 children gather for a StoryClub each week. This club was started by two teenage girls, PanMarie and Daisyree, each with their own unique story in how God has impacted their lives through KIDStory. Now God has given them opportunities to transform children’s lives through various StoryClubs they have formed around their community.
I have heard about PanMarie’s and Daisyree’s quest to reach and disciple children it was certainly a delight to meet them in person at a KIDStory Summit. Various people gathered who have been using KIDStory, some of them are multiplying leaders, like PanMarie and Daisyree, by training others. Here is a brief snippet of some of the testimonies shared in how KIDStory has changed their lives:
You might remember the stories previously shared about Daisyree starting a StoryClub with street kids as well as one at her home where her father wanted to do a garden club. Today, her father gave testimony to God’s grace and goodness in Daisyree’s life. Daisyree herself was a prodigal and as a young teenager, lived on the streets for two years. Members of the church, along with their pastor, did an intervention and brought Daisyree back home. Soon thereafter she attended a KIDStory workshop and her life was changed once again. God was calling her to minister to children and ones who were experiencing the hard life of a street kid. She and PanMarie, 17 and 18 years old, have now started 6 StoryClubs!
PanMarie gave her own personal testimony as she talked about the bitterness in her heart because she had been living with her grandparents for 11 years and then her father wanted her to live at home once again. She did come back but she was bitter. She attended the same KIDStory workshop as Daisyree. She too was called to work with children – those living in impoverished situations.
Hannah, 16 years old, shared the struggles she has faced in ministering to children. A while back, she had a disease which has caused her to be infertile. It was very difficult being around children knowing she could not have any of her own. Guess what she attended? Yes – the same KIDStory Workshop as Daisyree and PanMarie. God’s love and power broke through to bring healing and purpose to Hannah. It is obvious that she loves the children and they love being with her. has become an avid user and coach in KIDStory. Let’s believe together that God is will open her womb as He did with Hannah who gave birth to Samuel.
Now, these young people are impacting hundreds of children through the StoryClubs they have started. We had the wonderful opportunity to visit one today. Children come with the anticipation of having fun and learning about God through His Story. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Join these children in entering His courts with thanksgiving in your heart!!