Playgrounds are more than just something to play on.  They created environments for kids and they truly do transform communities.  A few years back we had the opportunity to build a playground in Leskovac, Serbia.  Probably a place that most of you have never heard of, but it is a place that is dear to so many people on our team and to Rolling Hills Community Church in Tualatin, Oregon.  

In Serbia, there are two main people groups.  The local Serbians and then the Roma or Gypsy people.  The Roma people have been persecuted for years. In working hand in hand with Rolling Hills Community Church we were able to provide the first playground in the entire country that was specifically built for them. A place that they can feel safe and just enjoy being kids.

Just two years ago this specific land was a dump.  Literally a trash yard. Now it has been given to the local Roma Evangelical Church and there is a playground, “futbol” pitch and local ministry happening on a daily basis.  So next time you about a playground just being somewhere to play remember the expression of these kids in this picture (Dedication Day as our team pulled up). It truly says it all!