Joined by different age groups, this workshop proved that age is just a number and it’ll never affect how we show our love for children. There were pastors in the group, very intense in sharing their ideas especially when giving their “creative” part. Usually it’s behind the pulpit that they preach but with children, it’s a different thing. One commented that it’s an all-out thing to reach and disciple children (“all-out” meaning the whole part of the body is used and all ideas, used or unused, must be carried over to the children to really get the impact of the teaching time). It’s also a time to let the parents feel the relationship, as some of them were outside the windows peeking in and it proved to them that churches have real hearts for children. I must say that it was a great time being with these educators, continually improving for the glory of the Lord and always open to challenges to make things better for their children’s ministry.

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