Teachers were thrilled with this new approach to teaching the Bible – they didn’t know teaching kids could be this exciting. They said that this was the best training they had ever attended. Here is some feedback from the teachers.

Blessy, Language Trainer

“The children in the School I work with are very tough to handle.  If handling children in Sunday School is difficult it is a greater challenge to deal with children in a school set up. Each one is so different and they sometimes stress me a lot.  There is a particular group in 6th grade who are very difficult to deal with, that no teacher will want to go to that class. At this training, I learned about how children have multiple intelligences and so I really believe I can execute this and deal with children differently.  I have only 4 children in my class in Sunday School. All of them are hyperactive and have very less attention span. This Sunday at church, when we used KIDStory with the children, they were very receptive and we did a Retell game which they enjoyed and also were able to Retell the story very accurately.  I believe that in the future I will be able to give my best to the class I teach.”


“I have never taught in Sunday School or VBS.  We have a lot of children in our neighborhood and my Mom used to encourage me to do something for them. I had no clue as to how to teach or reach children. After this training, I got so many new ideas (using Playdough, Mime, Dance, Drama, Videos etc).  I have a lot of ideas now and I am planning to start something next month. The Lord really spoke to me.” 

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