In the middle of building a playground, our team of moms and soccer players took time to cook breakfast for 500 children attending school across the road from the playground and soccer field. The boys on the impact team played four soccer games against Guatemalan teams and left their jerseys and cleats behind for everyone on the other team. Some of the boys bathed and clothed children from an incredibly impoverished family of nine children who take turns sleeping outside because there is not enough room for them inside. At the end of the trip, the team visited the site of the Volcán de Fuego eruption where we walked the area and prayed with a mother who lost four sons and over 50 family members. After this, we set up a feeding center for the people in the area to get a few meals a week. On the last day, the team spent time in Villa Nueva where we passed out food baskets to 40 families. The team of 14-17 year old soccer players amazed me with their compassion and genuine love for the children. They were also incredibly hard workers and installed a playground in a day and a half. The boys played with many children that made a lasting impression on their hearts.