Following a “red-eye” flight and a noon arrival at the site to dive straight in, the team was unsure what kind of local support we’d have or what the digging would look like, but we KNEW we had to be done in a day and a half…leaving little room for error. As we drove up, we were excited to see six local men waiting for us with shovels in hand…AND A JACKHAMMER! After a quick layout and some misplaced confidence that we wouldn’t need the heavy equipment, we quickly learned what the locals already knew: Massive Quartz-laced Boulders! Our six locals doubled in no time as more and more gathered at the community park to join in the labor. The digging was slow, but the spirits were high. Our US team worked side-by-side with these men, women, and children that all recognized the value of a safe place for their kids to gather and play. As the sun threatened to go down, we’d finished all of our main holes with plenty of melon-sized stones unearthed and piled on the sidelines. Our group had doubled again and to our great surprise ended with meals being brought out by other members of the community for all that had worked so diligently to make this gift a reality! “The Body of Christ” is an astonishing privilege when you see take shape and an adventure to be a part of it. SPOILER ALERT: The next day was even more fun!!!