“In the name of Jesus, I thank KIDStory for having thought of my region. Really, KIDStory Clubs have led to changes in the lives of children in my neighborhood and especially in my life because the Club leaders tell us daily stories. I’m in 5th grade and my favorite hobby is stories and every night I meet with my friends in the moonlight in the public square to listen to our elders tell us stories that I keep as long in my head. As for the club leaders they were teaching us to memorize Bible verses that we could hold very well, but I made a remark that as soon as we added other verses you wonder if you could remember them and maybe I can not.  The past few weeks the Club leaders told the story of creation as a drama and this method of teaching has given us joy because our attention was captured until the end of the session. We were excited for the next meeting to hear the next story. The storytelling method has good teachings and memory verses that we can memorize without any visual aid. And now when we meet in the public square in the moonlight, instead of telling worldly stories I tell friends the stories about the creation of the world and they appreciate it so much that others started coming to the KIDStory Club with us. Really the names of all the children of the Club and my friends say thank you to all KIDStory leaders because thanks to them our joy is complete from the Club. 

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