When Patrick was young he contracted a disease that left him with underdeveloped legs and relying on crutches to get around. As the team was building the playground, Patrick would watch the park coming together but compared to the other children he wasn’t too excited about the playground. Patrick had a harder time getting around than some of the other children but the playground was inclusive and would be great therapy for the children. The struggle was getting to him and the team noticed. Team members also noticed a look of joy from Patrick when the swings were being set up. The swings had adaptive swings with a seat so the children with disabilities can sit safely and swing. With a little encouragement from a team member, Patrick made his way to the swings. As the team member pushed him in the swing it was clear Patrick loved the feeling of swinging in the air. After the swings, he made his way to the playground to try out the slide. The playground will be a great tool for play therapy and encouragement to his capabilities and other children like him.