Meet Alexander…
This precious 6 year old boy from Iquitos, Peru was suffering from severe anemia. We began to offer this small village our OneMeal protein-rich fortified meals regularly. After 3-4 months, a doctor returned to our feeding center and after testing discovered Alex’s anemia is almost gone. The doctor began to ask everyone, “What has this boy been eating?!” We were happy to sing the Lord’s praises and shout of His provision for children like Alex. Children unseen by the rest of the world, but known by God.

      This meal blend contains red lentils, rice, six dehydrated vegetables and PhytoBlend, a plant-sourced vitamin and mineral complex. The nutrient rich OneMeal recipe is designed to reverse the starvation process and its effects. Lord, we marvel at Your goodness! We praise YOU for Your response to Alex’s need.

Such a wonderful update from one of our partners, Su Refugio