What do the Olympics, hardwood floors and Phnom Penh share in common? You guessed it: kids and playgrounds! Olympic Parks 1 and 2 have moved to Cambodia and, with the generosity of Real Wood Floors, are blessing our partner on the ground. Asia’s Hope campus is caring for 70 orphans in 6 homes, as well as running a Christian school for the wider community. AH is excited to soon have their very own playground!

The cutest, most excited kids you ever did see, took every opportunity (playing hookie??) to check on the progress of their very own playground.

All our team plans are set in concrete. It turned out that a Ready-Mix truck would have been a far easier option as no wheelbarrows were available and we resorted to the local system of a bucket brigade. Did you know that your bathtub can also double as a concrete mixer? 

We had our hands full trying to keep the kids off the playground and we intentionally left the teeter-totter off the curing footer until later, as it proved to be a big hit even sitting on the ground!Luckily our team grew overnight as 4 more flooring distributors joined the fun, leaving one more to arrive. With the good hand of our Lord and many other willing local hands, the team made great progress (really at an “Olympic record” rate) and most of the poles, decks and climbers are in position. 

On dedication day in Phnom Penh the kids were not going to wait for a formal opening ceremony to inaugurate their new playground! How rewarding to put smiles, backed by laughter, on happy children’s faces!  Just as much, to have the Real Wood Flooring team experience it for the first time was priceless. For some it was their first mission’s trip and they were touched by impacting kids in this way.

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