The Multiplication Factor
Almost 4 years ago Pastor Moses came to his first KIDStory workshop. The conviction God laid upon his heart was to go back to the refugee settlements and tell Bible stories to children. That was his next assignment. Because of this one step of obedience to the Spirit’s calling, thousands of children are being discipled on a regular basis.

As Moses continued telling the stories, the excitement amongst the children kept growing and they began bringing their friends to the KIDStory Clubs. Soon, the parents had to see and hear the stories for themselves and churches were birthed. Whole communities were learning the Bible Stories and retelling them to family and friends.

Moses was challenged to go and do the same to a totally unreached people group – a place where no one has heard the name of Jesus. One year ago, Moses took his first trip to a very difficult place bordering on Kenya and South Sudan. Drug addiction and alcoholism dominate the culture. Children often come to the KIDStory Club with the local brew.

Moses started gathering children under a tree and began telling Bible Stories. As what happened in the Sudanese refugee camps, the children were so excited about learning the stories that they couldn’t help but invite their friends. 150 children in this remote village are now experiencing true life as they participate in this newly formed KIDStory
Club. It doesn’t stop there. A few adults started coming and now a church has been formed. But who is pastoring the church?!

Two young men, Ivan and Jacob, were translators for Moses and through hearing the Bible stories and testimonies, surrendered their lives to Christ. They have caught the vision of God working through the church and are leading the others as they grow in their faith. Moses connects with them every Sunday to encourage them in their personal walk with Christ and equip them with Bible knowledge and leadership skills.

God’s work is through multiplication – passing on to others what has been freely given to them.

“May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face to shine upon us,that your way may be known on earth, your saving power among all nations.”

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