Two children from our weekly KIDStory Club brought to other boys from their neighborhood (then aged 12 and 14) to the Club. We were later told that the mother of these boys had been suspected of committing suicide. Though this was not fully confirmed, her husband was taken into Police custody and later released.  However, the two boys, who were from an outside village moved to the city, where they were put in the custody of their grandparents, both of whom were elderly and from another faith. 

The grandparents were in much sorrow and grief at the loss of their only daughter, but over the course of the year, the leaders from our KIDStory Club began visiting them, praying with them, sharing about Jesus with them and helping them in whatever way possible – including with school admission for the boys.

Both the boys began to attend our KIDStory Club regularly along with joining the youth class where the kids began a verse-by-verse study on the Gospel of Matthew. The boys have grown in their faith and both began to be an influence on their grandparents. 

The grandmother shared with all the kids and the leaders at our KIDStory Club last weekend that for one whole year she and her husband experienced deep grief.  She was also wondering how they would manage with their two grandsons, who were now left under their care. The grandmother works as a maid in homes, earning a very meager income and the grandfather, who worked as a security person had to give up his job because of his health condition.

The leaders began to share the love and message of Christ with them. During this time the grandmother said she decided to give up all the gods she believed in and began to place her faith in Jesus Christ.  Her husband who was very ill, totally recovered from his ailments, which she attributes entirely to the Lord’s intervention. She testified that the Lord has brought tremendous peace in her life and has been leading her family.