It was such a blessing to have 8 local men come to help build the playgrounds!  We were told they were the men in the villages who had significant influence on the community. So, it was a privilege to get to know them a bit through our limited Spanish and their limited English.  The translators really served well as they communicated beyond the language barrier. During one of my quiet times, it was brought to my attention that through the cross, one day there will be no more barriers…no more sin…no more foreign languages…and no more societal barriers.  The ‘pay day’ was awesome as the community came together to dedicate the playground, celebrate God’s love and faithfulness, and worship as a body of believers sang ‘Reckless Love’ with 2 guitarists, 1 English vocalist, and 3 Spanish vocalists! What a joy to worship together…just like in heaven!  

Someone made a comment to me that it is amazing to have seen what was a relatively ‘small’ pile of random pieces lying on the ground grow to the massive structures covering a large play area for the community and ministry!  Wow!  

El Ayudante was one of the best mission team launch points I have seen in my nearly 20 years of trips outside the U.S.  They are set up to handle larger teams (up to 35 people) with amazing accommodations and really great food! I hope our church will be utilizing this ministry and blessing them in the near future!  Jon & Helen Hovestol as ministry leads along with the team hosts of Jorge & Savannah were awesome ministers of God! Well done Team El Ayudante!