KIDStory Clubs are bringing the Word of God to life in the hearts of kids, not only across the globe, but right here in our own communities. Here is an update from a leader at Stonebridge Church in Rockford, IL, who is now using KIDStory in their church each week to share the Word with their kids:

“The teachers and kids at our church are starting to get excited about being in Children’s Church again! The KIDStory lesson this week was Noah and the Ark. It was so cool when I walked into the room after the service was out and watched as the kids were all bringing their parents into the room, excited to show them the ark they had made and RE-TELLING THE STORY FROM THE BIBLE TO THEM! The leaders shared with me how much fun it was doing the lesson this week. God is at work! Thank you for praying!”

A key part of KIDStory Clubs is that kids hear the stories from the Bible told orally, like Jesus taught. Then through interactive activities they learn the story themselves, and in the process they explore what it is that God is revealing to each of them about His love and character. They retell the story to their peers, and by the time the meeting is over, they are edified, equipped and excited to share the story with others.

Indeed, God IS at work, transforming the hearts of kids in over 20,000 KIDStory Clubs in the US and 45 other countries around the world!