Rejoice with us in this story of hope from our OneMeal food recipient partners in the Democratic Republic of Congo:

This is Tipo, one of our GlobalFingerprints kids in the Congo. He recently turned 18 years old, but because of his poor health, he remains one of our kids. Tipo lost his parents years ago, and has been facing physical challenges for many years. His life was literally saved by OneMeal.

Tipo has AIDS, and at times, this overwhelms him. Three months ago, we thought that he was going to die. He was so malnourished – skin and bones, sick all the time, his hair had lost its frizz. He was just a skeleton, plagued with diarrhea, cough and fever. After a week in the hospital and receiving some antibiotics, he was feeling a little better. But, we knew that his most important medicine would be food, filled with protein and vitamins. So, we started feeding him OneMeal right away. We knew when we sent him back to his older sister, she would not be capable of getting him the right nutrition. Since we had recently received boxes of OneMeal from Kids Around the World, we were able to send him home with a box full of nutritious daily food and instructions. The meals are easy to prepare – something he and his sister can make on their own. Now Tipo is gaining strength every week. Three months ago, he was close to death, but God mercifully restored his life. And, once again, Tipo has hope!

Because of OneMeal, we were able to share the compassion of Christ in a tangible way with Tipo. Tipo has confidence knowing that he is not alone – God will not leave him, and God’s People will be there for him. He came to visit us a few days ago, and his whole countenance had changed. His tears had been changed to a happy smile as he looks forward to another year.

Thank you for this OneMeal food! We have many malnourished children in GlobalFingerprints who are currently benefiting from these meals. Moms who are alone with their children often have difficulty adequately meeting their nutritional needs. One Mom in Gemena has triplets – no family nor husband to help her. A couple of times a week, she boils a OneMeal package for her 4-year olds, and it is helping to keep them healthy.

Thank you from Global Fingerprints for being a part of touching our kids in Congo with the compassion of Christ!

Circle of Hope members help to provide sustenance to children like Tipo all across the globe.