When connected to sidewalks, a wheelchair-bound child can go from one end and exit at the other with lots of activities along the way!

On a recent trip to Zambia, KATW team member Phil, worked alongside an energetic crew of men from the local community to build a playground at the CURE Hospital in Lusaka. This giant of a playground, which once stood proudly in Veterans Park, in Orland Park, IL, has been re-enlisted in a new home with a new purpose.

With pristine wards and free medical care (including surgery!) through age 18, CURE Hospital specializes in curing clubfoot, cleft palates and bow legs, conditions which if left untreated, lead to a life of little hope and opportunity for an impoverished child.

Through our partners at CURE, children receive much needed corrective surgery and so much more. CURE Zambia is addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those who need help most. Through compassion, skill and sharing the Gospel with each patient and their caregivers, Christ is proclaimed and lives are transformed daily! And, with a new wheelchair friendly playground, the children now have a special place to roll, climb, swing, laugh, and rehabilitate as they recover physically and spiritually from their past challenges, and run into a whole new hope-filled life.