In relation to the training, a couple of things stood out. In our discussion about ‘Background,’ there was some discussion with the translator about a word definition. We discovered that the teachers felt that the children from the mountains would need to define “boat” as they have never seen a lake or a boat.  This was just one more example of cultural differences and how KIDStory meets the needs of children/listeners the world over. I would never have thought that boat would be necessary to define, but the teachers were sharp enough to know the needs of their kids. Your development of these steps for storytelling is meeting specific needs.  

 The picture I attached shows the teachers playing musical chairs. This is always a tried and true way to kick off the training. The teachers love it and it sets the tone for the rest of the training! (It’s Nepal and there is no heat and so we all wear our jackets. 

 When the teachers did the story in their classroom of the widow with the jars of oil, they really focused on the feelings of the children. The teachers were thrilled to see how the children responded emotionally to the miracle of the widow and her sons. The children expressed their worry for their family and their own great pleasure in seeing how God met the needs of the mother and her boys. These were very small children and so their responses were simple but deeply felt. Once again, the Lord showed himself faithful and I believe that everyone was blessed by their time in the Word. 

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