What was once a bare piece of land has been made into a beautiful source of fun for our kids in the hospital. CURE Zambia is a children’s hospital, creating their environment to be as child friendly as possible. Children are coming for surgery, but they still need a place to enjoy while they wait and recover. The playground makes the hospital seem a little less scary and much more inviting to a child.

This year the hospital grounds have a fresh look and a fun playground for the kids. This was made possible by the generous support of our friends from Crossroad Bible Church and Woodmen Valley Chapel, who funded the project, and from Kids Around the World who supplied and helped install it. 

The playground was installed in the course of a week with onsite technical help from Phil Falconer, of Kids Around the World. We also were visited and aided by Chris Black, Frank Schuller, and Tim Roersma from Crossroad Bible Church. They worked hand-in-hand with our maintenance team at CURE Zambia. We are so grateful for their support to make this dream a reality for our kids!

*Story and photos courtesy of CURE International

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