Engaging in God’s Word through the simplicity of telling Bible stories impacts God’s children of all ages.  Despite the restrictions on meeting together, the advancement of the Gospel amazingly continues through our partners in the Philippines.  Under the mentorship of Lala and Rene, Lisa is a 3rd generation KIDStory trainer and has been doing KIDStory@Home with her family during this COVID lockdown.  One day, their neighbor Joseph and his wife got very curious about the laughter they heard from Lisa’s home and came to check it out for themselves.  Lisa was leading her family through the story of  David and Goliath.  Joseph could relate well to this story, as he had been a soldier in the Philippine army.  Though at the time he was not walking with the Lord, the story reminded him of his military experience, and came to the realization “that even if a full army has lots of bullets & ammo yet never seek God’s guidance, they will fall down.”  Now that the lockdown is loosening in the Philippines, Joseph and his wife have joined Lisa’s outreach church and have a totally different perspective of being in an army – God’s Army – fighting to bring others out of the kingdom of darkness and into the Kingdom of light!