Field Update from Misha, who is reaching and discipling the Roma (Gypsy) children in Serbia.

“It is with great joy that I inform you of the FANTASTIC KIDStory workshop in Leskovac/Serbia. To be honest, I preach a lot and have seminars and teaching but I was never as excited as I was for this and for the right reason. It was INCREDIBLE to see how hungry all of the participants were to receive what we had to offer especially taking into consideration they haven’t had many opportunities to learn such an easy yet effective strategy and methodology.  Under KIDStory, their ministry can flourish from the materials and resources provided (which is a breath of fresh air since we as kids leaders will not be under pressure anymore of what story to tell), and games that can be used as icebreakers and even more importantly a great tool to retell the story.

The word of God is constantly inviting us to TASTE and SEE that the Lord is good. In the same way, when the people have TASTED and SAW and EXPERIENCED the effectiveness of the KIDSStory methodology, they wanted to use it full time in their own ministries and as a result of this workshop, we will have 6 new Kids Clubs started in Leskovac, Turekovac, Stubla, Kosancic, Pavlovic, Novo Naselje. Oh AMEN! We had 32 people representing 8 different churches/church plants.

At the end, my personal highlight is that the Children’s Ministry Ps Novica, together with the eldership of the Roma Community Church in Leskovac, decided to bring THE LARGEST children’s ministry in the country and one of the largest in the Balkans in (with over 250 kids and just for the comparison sake, the average church size in Serbia is 25 people) to use all of our materials, methodology, and curriculum and start a StoryClub at his own house!”

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