A Moment of Impact

While on a Kids Around the World Impact trip, a volunteer learned it only takes a moment to make a significant impact.

“We were in Bonneau, Haiti – a poor area in the lowest section of this very impoverished country.  The team came to build a playground intended to bring together kids with special needs with other kids who can run and play without assistance.  However, this trip’s impact far surpassed this initial goal and helped change the direction in the life of at least one of our team members.

Drew came along with his dad and sister.  He was a young man with a huge heart and was on a break from school.  They say your first mission trip can change your life. This was true in Drew’s case. 

Drew served well the whole week, willing to work very hard doing whatever was necessary to provide this wonderful gift to these very deserving kids.  But there was one little boy who stole Drew’s heart.  On the way to the playground dedication, a  little boy with limited mobility sat on Drew’s lap, smiling the entire 45-minute ride through the winding rural roads.  

The smile in his heart was unmistakable through the smile on his face.  He took the little boy down one of the slides and no one could tell whose smile was bigger!

At the end of the day, Drew was asked, “What did God teach you this week?”  He pondered for a moment, then replied, “A week ago, I thought I needed a new phone, laptop, and a few other things.  But now, I understand. All I NEED is God’s love, the love of my family, clothes on my back, food to live, and a roof over my head.  EVERYTHING ELSE is a want!”

That week led Drew to intern with KATW after school ended. Now Andrew is our OneMeal Director, helping oversee all the organizing, planning, packing, shipping, and distribution of the millions of meals packed by our volunteers and partners each year!  It’s true! The first mission trip CAN change your life!”