Hurricane Dorian was the most powerful and devastating Category 5 Atlantic hurricane on record. The storm had peak winds of 185 mph which ravaged Marsh Harbor, Bahamas. New Vision Ministries Church was greatly impacted both the building and homes of many of the members. Two Churches from Florida, Plymouth Congregational Church and The Community Church of Vero Beach Church wanted to help. 

The Church came up with the idea of building a park setting on the campus to help reach out to the community. So with the help of Cama Services, they started planning for the project. Then Covid hit and put all of the planning was put on hold. Finally, things started to open up and again on the island and the project was a go! With the stringent travel restrictions, a small team from both churches was sent to help build the playground. Working side by side with the members of the Church, the project started. It was very encouraging to see the team interacting with the residents who had gone through the storm. Many had lost their homes and are still living in temporary shelters. One lady was such a breath of fresh air as she told of the loss of both their home and business. But she said that God is providing all of their needs and it is a joy to build the Park for the community. Many families have not been able to return to the island because of a lack of houses that have not been rebuilt. But when they do, they will have a playground and an outdoor fitness area at the Church to reach the community. 

Kids Around the World was able to help after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, and now we have been called to help the families in Marsh Harbor. Many of the stories sound so familiar with the trauma they have gone through, many wondering if they were even going to survive. It is so encouraging to see how the Churches are the first and the last responders to serve to rebuild the devastated country.