Our partner, Project Yesu, shared a beautiful story with us on God’s provision and perfect timing.

While visiting the children and communities Project Yesu supports in Uganda, the local kids shared how much they loved OneMeal because of how delicious it is. Shortly after the Project Yesu team left the country to return home, Uganda went into a country-wide lockdown. Lockdowns are extremely hard on families; food is scarce and prices have increased. Through God’s perfect timing with shipments and the right amount of meals being packed, Project Yesu had meals available for the people. Their in-country team traveled from home to home, delivering the remaining OneMeal inventory to help families make it through the current circumstances. 

Project Yesu shared, “The families were so incredibly thankful for the food. Without the OneMeal program, we would not have been able to provide help to our families and we are so thankful for the partnership with KATW.” 

We are so grateful to be part of their story and that together we can serve kids and communities in need.