There’s a widely known quote from Billy Graham where he exhorts,
“God never calls a person [into His service] without equipping him.”
We are so very thankful for the treasured moments and key takeaways that were shared with 130 of our incredible friends who attended the KIDStory conference at North Coast Calvary Chapel in Carlsbad, CA, at the end of February. We invited speakers from our global ministry locations and partner ministries throughout the world to provide training and insight into storytelling, leadership, and discipleship. In a sense, the goal was to equip those who have been called into His service of sharing the gospel!

When contemplating KIDStory methodology and the impact it is having, many conference participants enthusiastically shared field insight and the growth that training, such as through the conference, generates. It became a breeding ground for contagious joy over using the KIDStory methodology to deeply engage kids in God’s Word! Attendee, Joan, commented, “ I don’t think we’ve even seen where KIDStory can go. It’s going to [impact] not just kids, but teens and adults too!”

Our field staff shared that through this method, they have been able to bring the Word to more kids and places in more effective ways.
-Southeast Asia: “We have been able to go into Muslim communities, even in the mosques, telling Bible stories INSIDE the mosques, because we couldn’t bring in a Bible, but we could bring in the Word through KIDStory.”
-Eastern Europe: “The Roma people have been told that they are rejected by God, man, and society. KIDStory allows Roma kids to understand that God is not distant from them but LOVES them!”
-South America: “One of the aspects of KIDStory is that it is easy to reproduce. But something else that it reproduces is the impact it has on the mothers of the children. One such mother comes down the hill with her child to hear the story each week. Not only that but now she has been trained and is helping to teach KIDStory.”

These impact stories and testimonies give fuel to the passion behind our conference and the training that is provided to those who desire to share the gospel with children the world over.

After the conference concluded on Saturday, our host church held a meal-packing event on Sunday that ended with 100K meals being packed!

As a result of our time together, many connections were made, hearts were encouraged, and inspiration was revealed or renewed. We’re so thankful for God’s goodness and faithfulness in orchestrating the details and allowing us to have a fruitful time together. Our prayer at Kids Around the World is that we can continue to equip even more who are called to share the gospel.