Trauma Care Through PLAY

Given certain world circumstances and harsh conditions at times, many children around the world have undergone traumatic experiences that can be hard to process – let alone overcome. This is where PLAY comes in.

In a two-part series, we are focusing on how play is such an integral part of childhood and our human experience and can therefore perform a vital role in meeting developmental needs – social, cognitive, physical and relational.

Consider play as a type of therapy. When a child struggles to communicate or process their need for healing and restoration from trauma this can be aided (perhaps even overcome) through the universal language of play itself.

Organizations such as our incredible partner and friend, Reload Love, have come alongside KATW in recognition of play value. Their ministry specifically, “helps heal the lives of little ones around the world who have suffered from the violence of terrorism.” With the goal of “arming children with hope” they have spearheaded many playground builds in war-torn areas of the world to aid in transforming a child’s life.

Together, we partner for the positivity of play. It’s not invasive or scary or forceful… it’s simply allowing a child to express themself in alternate ways. A playground can enter into the healing equation when a child engages in a stimulating environment where they can feel less restricted and unencumbered when reeling from anything relating to abuse, warfare, famine, loss of family, grief, violence, or even fleeing from home or country.

Innocent, genuine and spontaneous play on a playground can meet a child where they’re at and encourage them to embrace their childhood that was threatened with harsh realities.

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