Hope FULL Highlights celebrates the profound impact of serving others. It’s a regular reminder that both the giver and the receiver are uplifted, impacted and filled with HOPE!

Here, we share inspiring testimony from Sonny DeGuzman, an Amazon Human Resources volunteer. With his team, Sonny enthusiastically participated in our Rockford 1 Million Meal packing event.  A true workhorse with dynamic energy, our friend brought contagious joy to the event, making him a pleasure to serve alongside!

“I have been honored to work with organizations and companies that have a commitment to corporate social responsibility and community engagement” Sonny shared.  “Within the past year, my employer, Amazon, sponsored and provided a volunteer community service activity to be a part of a meal packing event in Rockford with Kids Around The World.”

Community service and volunteerism are core values for Sonny. He recalled his former manager, a motivational speaker and life coach, teaching him about having an ‘occupassion’ in life.  This term emphasized the fusion of occupation and passion by believing that we all have a responsibility to do our occupation in life to live, but it’s when we add the passion –  that’s where the value of life grows exponentially!

Sonny’s awareness grew during the event. “I didn’t realize that the spirit of human connection, the ability for a child to eat and have nourishment, along with the ability to play and express their full identity, was something not every child globally has.”

Appreciating the ability to participate as someone who works in Human Resources, Sonny saw that serving others also shares “the ability to educate and provide a sense of safety and belonging… to allow an individual an opportunity to have some of their basic needs be met… and allow for dreams in the future.”

Sonny emphasized, “What Kids Around The World is currently doing through their programs is providing a global experience that is a two-way value-added experience to the human condition.” This perspective underscores how serving others can impact both the giver and the receiver!

See Sonny in action!  Click here to catch him in the groove!