It was just over a year ago when our Impact Team had served this small community in Mexico, providing a playground at a feeding center where they serve and minister to over 100 kids in this squatters’ area. And as is almost always the case, there are some local kids who steal the hearts of many team members while we serve. That trip was no exception. There were several kids who left a lasting impact on our team. But I sometimes wonder, what kind of impact does our team leave on the kids? What is their memory from one of our Impact Teams? This trip, I was about to find out.
One little girl, (for privacy sake, we will call her Isabelle), was probably about 4 years old. She was especially endearing to many of us – a quiet, tiny girl, with a smile that lights up a village. Now we are back at the site, to stop in and share a KIDStory lesson with the kids who come here to eat a meal and play every day. As our team of 20 entered the play area, immediately Isabelle ran up to me, and gave me the biggest hug! She kept saying, “THANK YOU! THANK YOU!” and hugging my neck. I was the only one on this team from last year’s team, and she remembered what our team had done for her and her friends last summer! Isabelle refused to let go of my hand the whole time we were there, except for when she led me to the swings and wanted me to push her. She even held my hand and wouldn’t let go the entire time I told the KIDStory lesson. I guess it’s fitting they should hold our hands since they hold our hearts as well! And we get the blessing of making a lasting impact on them, those beautiful kids… around the world!