The simple act of providing a meal for a hungry child can bring about a HARVEST OF HOPE.  When you provide a meal to a starving child, you let them know they are not forgotten, you help meet one of their most basic needs, and you allow them to begin to experience HOPE.  Our OneMeal program empowers groups to be a part of the solution of childhood malnutrition. OneMeal food is packed and sponsored by partners and volunteers at their own packing events throughout the US and shipped overseas to serve malnourished children in orphanages, schools, homes, churches, and community feeding centers. For our volunteers, coming together in a fun, high-energy and meaningful service event to hand-pack millions of meals every year is a precious and impactful experience.

Live out your gratitude this season by helping feed kids around the world

 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat…

Matthew 25:35