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[minti_iconbox icon=”sl-layers” iconimg=”19994″ style=”4″ iconcolor=”greyscale” textcolor=”dark”]We partner with organizations to establish playgrounds in poverty-stricken communities. Our play program restores the opportunity for children to enjoy the kind of play that is key to their physical, emotional, spiritual and cognitive development.

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[minti_iconbox icon=”sl-rocket” iconimg=”19993″ style=”4″ iconcolor=”greyscale” textcolor=”dark”]In partnership with volunteers from all over the U.S., we package and deliver the nutritional requirements undernourished children need for physical and mental development in an effort to break the cycle of poverty. 

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[minti_iconbox iconimg=”19992″ style=”4″ iconcolor=”greyscale”]We assist local teachers to create environments that will effectively disciple children for Jesus. Through the “KIDStory” program, they hear stories word for word from the Bible and learn fun, interactive ways to retell God’s Word.

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Your gift of $25 (or more) provides critical support to sustain and grow our transformative work with suffering children around the globe.

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Impacting the lives of kids with God’s transforming hope. At Kids Around the World that is our driving desire, but we can’t do it without our incredible IMPACT Team Volunteers.  All over the world, children’s lives have been changed forever because someone like you took the time to go with us to offer them hope.

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There are approximately 2.2 billion children worldwide. Half of the world’s population of children is in poverty—victims of war, natural disasters, injustice, and economic stress. This lack of safety burdens a child with fear and physical and emotional trauma, stunting a child’s ability to learn and grow in confidence.

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[minti_callout buttontext=”Make a Donation” url=”https://katw.wpengine.com/ways-to-give/”]Help us reach more kids in need[/minti_callout]

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